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Friday, August 8, 2014


APPOINTMENTS:  Don't want to sit on the phone and wait for the 4 calls ahead of you?
Simply click on the appointment tab at on the top of the portal (which you can gain access to through our website,  Click in your preferences and a receptionist will call you back at your preferred number with an appointment.  Saved time and frustration!!!

PRESCRIPTION:  Don't want to leave another message on the prescription line?
Simply type in your prescription, dose, pharmacy number and the nurse will call you back to let you know its been called in.  Saved time and frustration!!!!

NON-URGENT MEDICAL QUESTION:  Do you have a medical question and have been playing phone tag with the nursing department?   All you need to do is log on to Follow My Health, click send a message at the top of the page, and ask your question.  Then you can carry on with your day, when you get home, you will have your answer waiting in your in box!  Saved time and frustration!!!

VIEWING MEDICAL RECORDS:  Do you want to know what your lab results were?  Need to know your stress test results?  How about your last list of medications?  All you need to do is log onto Follow My Health and as long as it has been read and cleared by the physician the results will be there for you to print off and share with other physicians or family.

So what do you need to do to become portal members?  You need to share your email address with Michigan Heart Group.  If you have and you haven't received an invite to join the portal or are having problems you can call Stacie Batur at (248) 267-5050 (6509) Mon-Thurs.  Or if you would like to join the portal and don't have a visit in the near future you can call and leave your email on her voice-mail.  She will then send you an invite.

We are HIPAA compliant and therefore are forbidden to share, sell or give your email to another living person or entity.  Please be certain that your information is safe.  We look forward to seeing you soon and working with on the portal.

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