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Friday, May 22, 2015


DETROIT (WWJ)- The energy drink “5-Hour Energy” based in Farmington Hills has quite a following, especially among the senior populations, but one local doctor fears this new trend could be lethal for his aging patients.

WWJ’s Kathryn Larson reports that teens aren't the only ones guzzling down the energy drinks and spoke with Beaumont Hospital Cardiologist and Michigan Heart Groups own Dr. Steven Almany about the trend toward seniors using the quick pick-me-up.

Almany says he’ having to ask more and more senior not about their caffeine use—but their energy drink use.

Dr. Almany says these types of drinks can cause heart palpitations and heart clots: “I think that you've got to weigh, is one, I’m telling you that there is not a lot of scientific proof that is a benefit, and certainly with some of the stuff we are seeing the way it effects, blood, blood pressure and heart rate, is that is could be detrimental,” Almany said.

Dr. Almany said what’s worse is that his senior patients think these drinks are good for them—because of all the supplements.

“I think that a lot of patients say, “Hey, I don’t want to take drug,” and they look at this as almost a natural supplement, but the reality is—that is a drug,” stated Almany.

“The concern about any of these supplements is these are not regulated by the FDA, so there are not trials to say this has benefit, not trials to say it has risk, they can get these things approved and get them on the market…so I think that people should be cautious about what they eat and drink,” said Dr. Almany

Meantime, WWJ reached out to “5-Hour Energy”, but we are awaiting their verbal response.  Recently they marketed their drinks to seniors at a national AARP event.

POSTED by:  Steven Almany, MD

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